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Swargdwaar-A NGO for leprosy patients in Taloja,Panvel

'Swargdwar' is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) , in Taloja,District -Panvel, Maharashtra.

-Rev, Fr.Carlo Torriani founded this place in 1983.He is now 81 years old and is presently residing in his native country ,Italy.Humanity needs angels like him to embrace those who are in pain or suffering.He has devoted his whole life for the service of leprosy patients and destitute.He belongs to congregation-PIME- Pointifical Institute for Foreign Mission.
-Swargdwaar has a hospice- a 8 bedded residential building for leprosy patients, They are looked after by 2 nurses.
-The office is a two storey building just behind the hospice.

There are 17 other inmates too, who stay in a different building.

-Apart from leprosy patients 'Swargdwaar' looks after 22 children belonging to these leprosy patients and AIDS patients.These children are provided free residence & food .To receive education they go to nearby Rohinjan Senior Secondary School.

This place is under capable care of Father Balaswamy Thota, who has been living in this place for last two years. He belongs to Andhra Pradesh.


-A unique feature of this place is 'Shanti Sangam'. It is an inter-religion prayer hut.

At 7.30 pm every evening all inmates gather in this hall.There are days set for each religion & periodically prayers are offered for each religion

-'Swargdwaar' is spread in 23 acres of land and has fields of rice and vegetables and produce is sufficient so that they don't have to buy from outside. Surplus of  vegetables is sold to nearby market for purpose of generating revenue for upkeep of the place.

They use cut wood from  the dying and dead trees as firewood.The day of the inmates starts at 6.30 am in the morning & ends at 9.25 pm in the evening.They are responsible for keeping the place, its sanitation, farming and milking the buffaloes .

-There is common dining hall where they all sit together and partake of the food.

-The place is self sufficient in water supply. There is a bore-well with overhead tank to store water

-The inmates are paid a remuneration for their work that they do at the center. They all get a weekly off on Sunday when they are allowed to outside the campus to meet their families, indulge in recreation or shopping for themselves.

-'Mother of  Sharing' is an open air auditorium with a capacity to seat 50 people at a time. From time to time cultural activities are conducted here.

-'Swargdwaar' conducts biweekly skin OPD at very nominal charges of Rs 30 per person which covers consulting charges of qualified doctors as well as medicine charges.In every OPD number of patients seen are 150-200

-Father Torriani visits this place once a year for couple of months. His humble abode comes to life when he is here

The caretakers of 'Swargdwaar' work selflessly and untiringly for the good of humanity. It is an appeal from My Gynaec World and its team of doctors to all who have God's grace and abundance to donate freely to this charitable mission.

Contact details are as follows
Father Balaswamy Thota
At Rohinjan village
Taloja post
Panvel Taluka
Raigad District

Dr Himani Gupta
Ph +91-7506027299
Mother ‘n’ Care Clinic
Shri Row House-F 44/30
Near Shivaji Chowk
Sector 12-Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
Near Areas-Taloja,CBD Belapur,Kamothe,Kalamboli,Road Pali

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