Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Stretch marks- A spot in the beauty of pregnant woman

Stretch marks- A spot in the beauty of pregnant woman

Stretch marks is an issue, which does not harm the physical health of the patient, yet it concerns the pregnant woman as these marks are visible and will remain with the woman for the rest of her life.
With advancing pregnancy, uterus will increase in size. This will put pressure on abdominal wall. Collagen and elastin fibers which lie in the tissues under the skin-give away. This causes the stretch marks.
There are creams , lotions, oil, moisturizers which if used from early in pregnancy to keep skin moist and supple, will help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.


After delivery has happened, woman may seek opinion of skin specialist(Dermatologist). There are some treatments available like laser therapy, which may help .
If woman exercises daily and the tone of her abdominal muscles is good in pre-pregnancy state, then she will experience less stretch marks.

My Gynaec World has a team of Dermatologists( Skin Specialists) who are experts in prevention and treatment of stretch marks through their latest equipments in their clinics

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