Friday, 16 October 2015

FAQ - I Am Having White Discharge. What Should I Do

Question: 1

-I am having white discharge. Is it normal?


-There are two very common reasons for a woman to have white discharge.

1) Physiological -

A lady will notice increase in white discharge during the middle of her cycle at around the time of her ovulation. 
- This discharge is normal, doesn't require any treatment and points towards normal ovulation function

2) Pathological
Many a times the reason for white discharge is fungal, bacterial or protozoal infection 

Question 2

When should lady consult a Gynaecologist


A lady should consult a Gynaecologist if any or all of the following symptoms are present in the white discharge
-Foul smelling
-Stains underclothes
-Associated with itching of private parts 

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