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Semen analysis-An important investigation of infertility work up

Semen analysis-An important investigation of infertility work up

-Semen analysis of husband is an important and basic investigation for couples who are undergoing work up for infertility. 
-There are many parameters which will determine if this test is normal
  eg-volume of ejaculate, number of sperms per ml of ejaculate, presence of abnormal looking  sperms,motility of sperms-just after ejaculation and after couple of hours,evidence of infection,presence of  fructose

There are different reasons for abnormalities of different parameters.
Likewise, the treatment options also vary.
Some patients will require simple oral medications.
Others may require surgery
Still some may require advanced fertility treatments like test tube baby

This simple investigation answers many questions that the treating doctor is seeking.
Based on this test result further management is decided.

My Gynaec World is backed by many good diagnostic centers which maintain strict quality control which is required for conducting this test.
We also have panel of male gynaecologists and surgeons to offer the required examination and treatment.

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