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Follicular Study-First step in female infertility investigations

Follicular Study-First step in female infertility investigations

When a Gynaecologist is investigating a female patient for infertility, Follicular study is one of the first line investigations that are prescribed.

Female fertility cycle is very unique .A normal fertile woman menstruates  once in a month.
Once the menstrual cycle is over, growth and maturation of ova starts. Somewhere in the middle of the cycle around 14th -16th day, ovulation occurs and released ova is picked up by Fallopian tube and is ready to be fertilized by sperm , hence occurs origin of life.

Follicular study is an ultrasonographic investigation done serially every 2nd or 3rd day starting generally from Day 6 or 8 of menstrual cycle. This study is deemed complete once it has detected ovulation.


Clinical importance lies in the fact that once Gynaecologist knows that ovulation has occurred,further treatment to help her conceive can be offered eg-timed intercourse, IUI-Intra uterine insemination.
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